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ERBIJA got its name from a dialectal variant of the Prekmurje term »herbija«, which means heritage, inheritance, legacy. It lies in a melancholic plain, next to the magic Mura river in Prekmurje, where it according to its name also belongs.

Erbija sprung up in one of the most remote spots of Slovenia, which strategic role is drastically changing due to boundary obliterations and broadening of horizons, especially for those, interested in diversity, multiplicity, colour, openness.

Erbija is a company that contains a variety of activities, function from, and is stationed in a private business building. The main and most important pillar of the company is the sales and exhibitions gallery of works of art, and the projects and research work that are closely connected with it. Our research work is mostly about the history of art and ethnology (family trees, ways of life…).

More than 200 m2 of display room offer a rich collection of paintings, drawings, statues, photographs, artistic installations, useful objects etc. – all these works of art come from different authors from different periods and different geographical and historically-cultural surroundings.

The only hard and fast rule for choosing our creators and their works of art, coincides with the philosophy of our company, which strives to gather a great variety of differently thinking, differently feeling and differently working people, which are all connected by the wish for freedom, learning and respect.

We are a house build of thoughts, comprehension, views, emotions, wishes, notions and spirit.

We are the place to experience the uncatchable; to feel the incomprehensible.

We are the contact between measured facts, wishes, notions, and the »higher«, inner worlds, which is also realized through works of art – through the written word, canvases, statuary art… or through a personal encounter with You!

We are a company that does not treat clients as numbers or labels them as potential buyers only; we experience each and every client as a unique being with its individual wishes, needs and capabilities. We are a company, where the artist is not only an appendage of his/her reputation, but a more or less mindful and sensitive human being of such and such expressive faculty.

We are a company, where the painting is not merely a limited object for sale, a framed piece of canvas, but a piece of the artists' mind, soul, energy… turned into matter.

Welcome to the world of Erbija!

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