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The True Fairytale

is a small book of big truths. It may look like a booklet for children at first glance, but it is everything else...

It is a tale about Spiritual growth represented by a thorny path. And about the Inner voice (in the tale it is represented by a generous and infallibly wise old man) that exists in each and every one of us, and that we (unfortunately) rarely hear and hardly ever listen to. The reason for our inner deafness (and blindness) is our (too) fast, (too) comfortable and spiritually devaluated “modern” way of life, trapped inside of laws, religions and money.

That immense desire to reduce the misfortune and suffering by bestowing »something good«, educational, bright and encouraging, made me write it – and with the »old man’s help« this fairytale came to life. The True Fairytale.

The whole tale is full of symbols, metaphors and ambiguity. That is why even the title is ironically ambiguous: fairytales are not supposed to be true, but I demonstrate with the title that that is exactly what they ARE. We just have to find and nourish them; I claim that heaven and paradise are (already) here, on Earth. But of course not in the pursuit for material goods: Humans must overcome their wild desire to “have”, and “dive” inside themselves and that is the only place where we can find peace and happiness - the so-called - heaven. With the seemingly illogical and unreal title I stimulate the reader to search for hidden meanings from the beginning, and at the same time I foretell the rich symbolism and the necessity to read between the lines throughout the whole tale. I invite the reader for a quest and (self) research. I want him/her to reflect on it.

This Fairytale is meant for everybody – for the tall and the short, the white and those who are not so white, for the healthy and the sick, for the poor and the rich, for those who believe and those who do not, for those who are happy and those who are sad, for those who can read and those who can not (drawings by Igor Muršič). It is some kind of a manual on life, morals and our spirit (and probably several more fields) to lead a nicer, happier and calmer life on Earth.

the author Sandra Habjanič

P.S. A part of the income of the book’s sale will be donated to The Society for the Rights and the Liberation of Animals, the Association Yoga in Daily life and the ecological projects of the organisation GlobeTransformer.

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