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My name is Sandra. Sandra Habjanič.

I was born on the day of the big snow, 2nd December, 1970.

As a not yet four year old I ran away from home. Partly as a sign of protest and partly out of the sateless desire to discover something new. I took my younger brother, my teddy bear and my small soft pillow with me.

My next and somewhat more legal escape was after I finished primary school (with distinction). I packed my bags and set out into the great, wide world with wide-open, courageous and eager eyes. I have seen: Maribor, Celje, Ljubljana, Bologna, Pula, Belgrade, Athens, Balaton, Budapest, Egypt, Spain, The Canary Islands, Paris, Germany, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Portugal, Sicily, Rome, Zurich, Sargans, Liechtenstein, Canada, USA, Istanbul...

After I finished secondary school in Maribor I was strained between the work as a tourist guide, animator, translator etc. and my studies and travelling. But nevertheless I completed my studies of ethnology and history of arts at the Faculty of arts in Ljubljana. As a student I received the Munda Fund scholarship and was the protégée of The Austrian Cultural Institute and The Slovenian Folklore Institute Urban Jarnik from Klagenfurt. At the department of ethnology and cultural Anthropology I graduated under Prof. Doc. Janez Bogataj with a widely extended, independent project of field and research work on the Austrian part of Carinthia. At the department of History of Arts I graduated with a theoretic thesis and a dissertation under Prof. Doc. Bogomil Komelj. My whole life I am connected with arts, research, writing, organising, leading and challenges. I perceive work as my way of life therefore I do not know any sharp distinctions between work and fun. Money is an important value that is positive when it is the result of some activity (work) or state. I do not approve money to be the only or main motive for any action or deed. I support the theory that money is not only printed paper, but that it is energy transferred into paper, coming from this or that individual and their time. To me, wealth is the quick and above all quality circulation and flow of energies…

After I graduated I was offered prestigious employment in domestic and foreign museums, institutes and academies, but regardless of that I established my own company. Far from home, high up in the Swiss mountains and overlooking the many white snow patches, the name Erbija was born. A good deal unexpected and somewhat at the same time of the establishment of my own company, I took over also our family company, Svis Gaberje d.o.o..
That is how I started to lead two companies at the same time, at the age of 29. Everybody around me disagreed, incomprehended and disbelieved that a university graduate, into research and science oriented person could manage in this cruel and hard business world that is based on economy and marketing. However, I managed my situation on the director’s chair even without such experiences and theoretical background. I managed all the leading tasks of a manager when there was no one “above” me to ask for advice or directions. I succeeded with a lot of will, stubbornness and courage. And with my great vision, to turn these names on paper into powerful and recognized trademarks with a useful, beautiful, educational and pure content. To create a company that will somehow enrich everything and everyone.

As the owner of both companies I strive to achieve a harmonic connection with my surroundings and the consciousness raising for values such as fair and quality done work, realistic prices, constant education, moral responsibility, clean nature, healthy nutrition and a balanced way of life.

At my work, as well as at my everyday life, I live by the principles of cooperation, solving conflicts with dialogues and the basic rule of no violence. I am against all kinds of aggression, may it be verbal, psychological or physical and may it be against inanimate nature, plants, animals or people.

All around me, I strive to create a calm, loving, nice, creative and amusing environment, such as I feel and nourish inside myself for all my life.

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